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Axialis CursorWorkshop™ is compatible with Windows Vista™

Axialis CursorWorkshop™ has been designed to be fully compatible with Windows Vista™. The interface is adjusted automatically to integrate smoothly in Aero™ (user interface of Windows Vista™). All file and registry operations comply with the UAC (User Account Control) specifications.

Create hi-quality cursors for Windows® and web sites

With CursorWorkshop™ make your own hi-quality static and animated cursors for Windows and Web sites.

The new generation of cursors uses variable transparency (alpha channel). This feature permits creating beautiful cursors with smooth borders and shadows. You need a professional tool to create such cursors. Axialis CursorWorkshop™ has been designed with one goal in mind: "Quality".

Enjoy the powerful editor which permits creating the various image formats of a cursor from an original drawing without quality loss.

The cursors can be created to customize Windows or enhance applications. You can also add your own cursors in your web sites.

An easy-to-use integrated workspace

A professional tool must be Powerful and Easy to Use. That's why we have created an intuitive fully integrated workspace. All the tools are easily available on screen. Additionally the application fully supports mouse drag & drop allowing easy and intuitive operations. For example, creating composite icons from several images using drag & drop is really a child's play.

The application has a fully integrated workspace. All the tools are easily available on screen. The interface is multi-documents enabled. It means that you can display many cursors on several visible windows.

Make static cursors

Axialis CursorWorkshop allows creating all kind of static cursors for Windows® (extension CUR). All sizes and color depths are supported up to RGB with alpha channel for Windows XP® and Windows Vista™.

Many features are implemented to help you creating your static cursors in minutes: create all image formats from images in one click, create new formats from existing ones, use of ready-to-use image objects and more.

Make animated cursors

Use the advanced editor to create animated cursors (extension ANI). Many features permits to make smooth animated pointers. You can edit each frame in a powerful editor, specify the display delays and see a live preview of your animated cursor while creating it.

Create your animated cursors from existing animations: Filmstrips with alpha channel (BMP, PNG, PSD, Jpeg 2000...), Animated GIF, FLI/FLC and more.

Create cursors using built-in assistants

Several assistants are available to easily create cursors from existing static images or animations:

Create a static cursor from an image

Create a static cursor from a GIF image

Create a static cursor from a Web image

Create an animated cursor from a static image

Create an animated cursor from several frame images

Create an animated cursor from a filmstrip animation

Create an animated cursor from an animated GIF image

Create an animated cursor from a FLI/FLC animation

Create a rotating animated cursor from a static image

Create an animated cursor from a Web image

Easily produce attractive cursors using Image Objects

The use of image objects to create cursors is an exclusive feature of CursorWorkshop. It permits creating professional-looking cursors in minutes using a few mouse drag & drops.

The principle is quite simple: A large quantity of basic image and animation objects are provided in a library. By associating them together (on top of each other) you create your own cursor:

The images objects, which have been made by professional designers, are provided in 128x128 or 256x256 high-quality PNG format. By adjusting colors, lightness and contrasts, the possibilities are almost infinite:

Read the following articles if you want to learn more:

What is an image object?

How to use image objects to create cursors?

Compatible with graphic industry standards

You can import PSD images with layers from Photoshop® and easily create a multi-resolution cursors from a program or company logo.

The application includes plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator®. These features permit to transfer images directly in memory and make your cursors in a few clicks. No more temporary image files.

You can also export a cursor image or frame to Photoshop® or Paint Shop Pro® for modification (preserving transparency).

A powerful built-in Librarian

Use a powerful librarian to easily manage all your media and icon files. This is an integrated window (which can be hidden) where you can store, move, copy and extract all the files you're using in your work (images, cursors, libraries).

Use a Media File Explorer with previews

Also, A built-in file explorer permits to browse your disks and find files including images and all files containing icons. This advanced explorer permits to display files in thumbnail mode. By a simple click you open any file in a viewer or editor window.

Batch procedures

Batch procedures have been implemented in CursorWorkshop™ to automatically perform operations on a large number of files: Create animated or static cursors from a set of existing image or animation files, export images included in cursors to individual images or filmstrips (PNG, BMP, PSD).

Learn using a Comprehensive Help

We have created a professional and comprehensive help in CursorWorkshop. Unlike other competitor tools, the help file describes more than the product features. It is amply illustrated and written in easy-to-read English. It includes following topics:

General information on static and animated cursors (2 topics).

Getting started lessons (12 topics).

How-to step-by-step tutorials (27 topics).

Full feature reference (150+ topics).

Redistribute your cursors

A new compilation feature permits you to create professional installation packages to redistribute your Cursor Libraries. It produces a compressed install program (the result is up to 70% smaller) convenient for Web distribution.

Also, an advanced system, based on activation codes, permits you to protect your Cursor Libraries. The user will be prompted for a personal code to proceed with the installation. An activation code generator is also provided.

Customize Windows® mouse pointers

A built-in feature permits to access directly to Windows mouse pointer customization features.

Customize cursors in web sites

If you own a website, it's interesting to use mouse cursors to enhance the user experience. Modern internet browsers permit to change mouse cursors for a whole page, for links or for other elements.

The help file includes a topic which explains in details how to customize cursors in web sites. Source codes are provided for Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+.

Easy-to-use user interface

• Customizable interface compatible with new XP and Vista themes

• The program is fully integrated in one workspace

• All the features are visible on screen and easy to access at any time

• Performs batch operations (create or convert several cursors in one operation)

• Automatically creates a multi-format cursor from an image in one click!

• Includes a built-in explorer with thumbnail preview to browse your disks, find images and files containing cursors

• Compilation Wizard which to create redistributable installation packages of your cursor libraries

• A built-in Librarian helps you to work more efficiently with your cursors, image objects and libraries

• An image loader/viewer to create cursors from image and animations in one click!

• Full Drag & Drop support in all workspace

• 3 Built-in search engines: Computer, Librarian & Web

• Advanced HTML help with Getting Started lessons, How-to procedures and reference manual.

• Manage 'favorite' documents

• Download and open documents directly from the web using URLs.

• Recently Used bar to quicly access used documents

• Context help which permits to get help when using dialog boxes.

• Built-in free online upgrade system to keep to software up to date for lifetime!

Powerful features

• Ability to create cursors compatible with all versions of Windows® including the latest XP and Vista formats with alpha channel

• Opens images with alpha channel to create cursors (smooth transparency, shadows and image borders)

• Create attractive cursors using ready-to-use Image Object Packs.

• Transfer images from Adobe® Photoshop® using a plug-in (through memory - no more temporary PSD file)

• Transfer images from Adobe® Illustrator® using a plug-in (through memory - no more temporary PNG file)

• Supports CUL Cursor Libraries Create/Load/Save

• Imports/Exports Adobe® Photoshop® PSD images with layers

• Imports/Exports PNG, JPEG2000 and BMP with smooth transparency alpha channel

• Import/Export Adobe® Photoshop® PSD images with layers

• Batch create PNG, JPEG2000, PSD or BMP images from cursors (several cursors at once)

• Batch create static and animated cursor from images (several cursors at once)

• Create cursor or library snapshot images (create an image showing all the image formats or frames embedded in a cursor or a library)..

• Contains several image filters (blur, smooth, sharpen, details, contour, emboss...)

• Contains several image adjustments (Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast...)

• Contains several image tools (Resize, Rotation at any angle, flip...)

• Drop shadow effect

• Enhanced color swatch/palette system compatible with Adobe® and Jasc® color files.

• Create a cursor with all its formats from another cursor image in one operation (easy-to-use wizard).

• Create an animated cursor from an animated GIF (easy-to-use wizard).

• Create an animated cursor from a FLI/FLC animation (easy-to-use wizard).

• Create an animated cursor from several static frame images (easy-to-use wizard).

• Create a rotating animated cursor from a static image (easy-to-use wizard).

• Create a cursor with all its formats from an external image file in one operation (easy-to-use wizard).

• Create a cursor from a screen capture

• Create CUL cursor library

• Open any executable file (EXE, DLL, OCX...). Ability to change cursors embedded in executable files.

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