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Useful Links

Here is a list of websites we found useful to Axialis users. We add new sites on regular basis, why not yours? If we like your site and if we find it useful, we'll add it in this list. If you're interested, first link to us, then contact us.


Icons, Cursors

Iconaholic.com - Jono is an icon designer. You can download free and stock icons. He also proposes icon creation and design services.

VisualPharm.com - Web site of a team making custom icons for commercial software manufacturers. A quality portfolio of icons is available.

VirtualLNK - VirtualLNK is a leader in icon design and multimedia services. Over 2000 XP style icons available.

1st Icon Design - Professional Icons by 1st Icon Design. This site offers great icon sets for professionals as well as custom icon design services.

Iconica - Website of Marvilla, an icon designer. Many of her free icons are ready for download but she also proposes her talent for your custom icon design needs.

Fasticon - Home of Dirceu Veiga, a great icon designer. Offers free icon sets, stock icons and custom icon creation service.

CrystalXP.net - This Community is here to help you to discover graphics and Windows customization.

Studio Twenty Eight - Giving your computer a new look.


Loopkit Pro - Home of Loopkit Pro. A CD-Rom which includes over 1200 copyright-free sound loops (great to add background music to screensavers).

FlashKit - The N°1 Flash Developer resource site. Thousands of Flash samples and loop sounds.

SWiSHZone - Makers of SWiSH! Create cool Flash animations in minutes with this great applications.

E-Cobo - Free high resolution photos, High resolution stock photography, Graphic design, Web design.

Downloads, News, Applications

File Parade - Tens of thousands of freeware and shareware downloads. Updated daily...

Download.com - Probably the largest directory of shareware, demo and free softwares.

Tucows - One of the largest and the most serious review site for downloading sharewares programs! Contains many mirrors..

Lockergnome - Let Lockergnome do the work for you! Receive their Windows newsletter for free. Latest 32-bit downloads, news...






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