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If you have questions about your purchase, registration or customer account, please read the Customer FAQ below.
You can also read the Order FAQ if you have questions about Axialis order policies.


Customer FAQ

Why register my product?

Do I have an account?

How to create an account?

I've lost my product key, how to retrieve it?

I've lost my copy, do I have to purchase again?

How to register my product?

I want to access my account, what's my username?

Do I have a product key?

What is Axialis lifetime license?

How to upgrade to the latest version?

Order FAQ

What is ESD?

What are Axialis return and refund policies?

Is European VAT applicable to Axialis products?

Ask Questions to Axialis Support Team

If you didn't find an answer to your question in the FAQs, you can contact Axialis Support Team directly.
In your message body please specify (if possible):

Axialis Program Name

Order Number

Your Name


Your Configuration (Windows version, SP, Video card & driver, processor...)





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