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This page will let you retreive your lost password. Several methods are available:

Specifying your email:

Enter the Email you specified in your account. If it exists in our database, your login information (username, password) will be sent at this email address.

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Specifying your product key:

Enter the Product Key (see Notes) of one product your registered online. If this product key is found, your login information (username, password) will be sent at your customer email (specified in your account).

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Replying to your hint question:

First, we need your Username (if you lost it too, see notes below). Then your Hint Question (you specified it when you created your account) will be asked to you. If your answer is correct then your password will displayed.

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  • If you can't remember your Username, open the About dialog box in your application.
    Your Username is placed between parentheses after your real name.