Icons and Images used in the program

Thanks to the following icon artists for giving us permission to include their icons and images in the program (toolbar buttons, icons, dialog illustration):

. Foood - Some images in dialog boxes, (

. IconBuffet - Toolbar icons courtesy of IconBuffet, part of Mahattan and Redmond icon set (

. Marvilla - Some images in dialog boxes (Iconica)


Thanks to Jörg Schmalenberger  for the German translation (Website ).

Thanks to Yinchao Wang  for the Simplified Chinese translation (Website ).

Thanks to Ivan Stambolic for the Serbian translation (Website ).

VisiBone Color Swatches

Thanks to Bob Stein for his great "Web Safe by VisiBone" color swatch (located in application data > Color Swatches > Web Safe by VisiBone.axco).

Compression Support

Thanks to Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for writing the fantastic and free ZLIB compression/decompression library which is used in Axialis products. Visit the official ZLIB Web page at:

PNG Support

Thanks to the creators of the PNG graphic file format and its related source code. Visit the official PNG Web page at:

JPEG Support

Thanks to Thomas G. Lane and the Independent JPEG Group for the JPEG graphic file format and its source code. Visit the official JPEG Web page at:

JPEG 2000 Support

Thanks to the Joint Photographic Experts Group for defining the JPEG 2000 graphic standard. Visit the official JPEG 2000 Web page at:

Thanks to OpenJPEG Team, creator of OpenJPEG library used in Axialis products. Official OpenJPEG website:


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