Add a User License Agreement

You can specify a User License Agreement text that will be displayed before the installation starts. The use must agree with this agreement to proceed.

Add a User License Agreement

1. Click on the NEXT button in the Compile an Installable Icon Library- Step 3 of 6 dialog box.

2. If you check Add a User License Agreement, you'll display a User Agreement Text in the install procedure. The user will have to agree the terms of this user agreement before proceeding with the install procedure. You can type the text, use copy/paste from an external editor or use the "Load" button (see below) to read a text from an external file.

4. If you click the Load button, you can select an external text file to load using a standard Windows® browse dialog box.

5. If you click on the Save button, you save the actual text to an external text file using a standard Windows® browse dialog box.

6. If you click on Load Default button, it will reset the User Agreement to a standard text (proposed by default by Axialis IconWorkshop™).