Change the item display

Change display

1. Choose Librarian/Display and click on Large icons, Small icons, Lists or Details.

2. You can also sort the items by Name, Size, Date, Size, Ascending or Descending.

3. You can activate the command Librarian/Display/Auto Preview. This option will allow you to display an image preview for all items but it is CPU time consuming. If you have not selected this option, you'll have to manually preview each selected item by selecting the command Librarian/Preview.

Display a grid in the detailed list

If you have chosen the option "Librarian/Display/Details", you can show grid in report view.

1. Choose Librarian/Show Grid to toggle the option.

Show info tooltips

For each item, you can display an information tooltip.

1. Choose the option Librarian/Show Info Tooltips to toggle this feature. When you pass over an item, a tooltips displays. You can read the Filename, The File Type, Size/Colors, Date, Time and Size.

Show folders

This option permits to show all folder items in the list.

1. Choose Librarian/Show Folders.