Create New Swatch

The latest Microsoft® Windows® platform, Windows® XP, introduces a new style in icon design. The Windows® XP icon is all about fun, color, and energy. It uses true colors to get the best results. Also, it uses an additional Alpha Channel to create smooth shades and object borders. We strongly recommend you to start creating an icon with this color mode. Windows® XP images are not tied to a color palette. The palette Windows® can contain 16, 256 or more colors.

Create a new swatch

1. Choose Draw/New Swatch

2. The dialog box Add Swatch opens. You can add a new color Swatch to the Actual List.

3. In the Color area, click to change the color swatch.

4. In the Name area, specify the Color Swatch Name as it will appear in a tool tip when you'll pass the mouse pointer over it.

If the name is empty (blank field), the program will display the Html color string in the tool tip.

5. If the options "Insert at the current location" or "Append at the end of the list" are checked you can specify where you wish to add the new color swatch: Inserted at the current location or appended at the end of the list (last position).