Customize Folders

The feature "Customize Windows® Icons" including in the application has known compatibility issues with Windows Vista™. We don't recommend to use it with this operating system. Axialis Software will soon release a free separate utility that will permit to customize icons in all versions of Windows®. Stay tuned...

To access the Customize Folders Tab options, choose Edit/Customize Windows® icons. The "Customize Windows® Icons" dialog box opens, click on the Customize Folders to get the related options.

Using this feature, you can customize any hard drive disk folder (or subfolder) appearance with the icon of your choice.

Customize Folders

1. In the Folder area, specify the full pathname to the folder you whish to customize. To customize drive icons, you can also specify a root folder.

2. If you click the Change icon button, you can select a new custom icon.

3. If you click Default icon button, you can restore the folder standard icon. Don't forget to Apply the changes for each folder.

4. In the Info Tip area, specify the custom info tip message you whish to assign to this folder. This message is displayed in a small window when you pass the mouse pointer over the folder in Windows® explorer.