Desktop Reorganization

The application features a dynamic system to ergonomically reorganize the application Desktop area. With this system, document windows are tiled and grouped by type. Desktop is divided in 2 parts: File Browser and Search Result windows in one part, Media Document windows in the other part. It can be automatic or manual.

Reorganize Desktop at any Time

1. Choose Windows/Reorganize Desktop or press F12.

2. You can also click on the Display button on the main toolbar.

This feature is useful only if you don't choose an automatic reorganisation option (see below).

Toggle Automatic Desktop Reorganization

If this option is enabled, a Desktop Reorganization is performed each time you open, close, reduce or restore a window

1. Choose Window/Automatic Reorganization.

Change Reorganisation mode

1. Choose Windows/Full Window Reorganization if you want the application to display each document window using all the available space.

2. Choose Windows/Tile Reorganization if you want the application organize the windows using an ergonomic tile scheme.

You can switch from one win to another using Ctrl+F6 or Shift+Ctrl+F6.