Display the item properties

Display item properties

1. Select one or more items.

2. Choose Librarian/Properties.

3. The dialog box "Items Properties" opens.

4. In ITEM PROPERTIES tab, you can read the next information (Filename, Location, Last Modification, File Size, Format, Size/Colors, Memory used)

5. In EXTENDED INFORMATION tab, you can enter the Name, Author and Keywords in their areas.

6. In DESCRIPTION tab, you can enter the Description of the file in its area.

7. In PREVIEW tab, you can visualize an image preview.


These keywords "Filename, Author, Keywords and Description" will be used later to easily retrieve the item using the Find feature. You can select several items, open the "Properties" dialog box and specify the same keywords to all of them in one operation. Please insert a comma between keywords.

If you select more items, the ITEM PROPERTIES tab has been replaced by the SELECTION tab. You can read the item total number and the total size of the selected files. For Example:

Items: 4 Items
Total Size: 121.44 Kb (124 353 bytes)

If you select folders, the Librarian/Properties command opens the standard Windows® Properties dialog box.