How to batch merge images

This feature permits to repeat the same task automatically on a large number of icons. This is what we call a batch procedure. Several batch procedures are implemented in IconWorkshop. We access these features from the built-in File Browser.

This feature permits creating images (PNG, PSD, BMP, GIF or JPEG2000) in one batch process by merging several source images with one single fixed image. For example, this feature is useful to create a set of icons by merging different symbols over the same background shape. You can also add the same glossy effect to a set of existing icons. The fixed image can be merged in background or in foreground:

Select the group of images to merge

1. Open a new File Browser window. Choose File/New/File Browser...

2. When the window is opened, select the folder which contains the icons using the tree in the left pane.

3. When done, the files appear (with preview) in the right pane. Select the icons files you wish to merge. You can use Shift/Ctrl + Mouse to select several files. Use Ctrl+A to select all. Use +/- to select/unselect by specifying filters.

Merge the images

4. Choose File Browser/Batch Merge Images.

5. A dialog box opens. In "Fixed Image" enter the full pathname of the fixed image file (). You can also browse folder to select the file ().


6. Select the position of the fixed image ():

7. Select the way the resulting image filenames will be generated():

8. Select file format of the resulting files () and specify the transparency option ().

9. Click OK, the batch procedure starts and all the files are created.