Options in the Images Tab

To access the Images Tab options, choose View/Preferences. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the Images tab to get the related options.

JPEG: Writing options

Image Quality - Specify the JPEG compression level (values from 1 to 99). A low compression level (1 to 10) produces small files but the image quality is very low. A high compression level (80 to 99) produces very good quality images but larger files.

WMF: Default Load Size

Width and Height - Specify the WMF default width and Height. WMF is a vector format. It means that it can be opened and displayed at any size without quality loss. To display it, the application needs to convert it to bitmap and need a default size to perform the conversion.

Kodak PhotoCD

Default Load Size - Specify the default Kodak PhotoCDŽ (PCD) load size. Kodak PhotoCDŽ is a multi-resolution format. It means that each PCD file includes several resolutions of the same picture. Small resolutions are fast to load but with poor quality. High resolutions have good quality but are memory consuming.

Image Display mode