Options in the Librarian Tab

To access the Librarian Tab options, choose View/Preferences. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the Librarian tab to get the related options.

You can change the location of the librarian on your hard disk by specifying a new path to the directory structure containing your Icon Projects, Libraries and Media files.

1. Specify a Path for the librarian or click on the Browse button.

If you specify the new location for the librarian, the change will occur the next time you launch Axialis IconWorkshop™.

2. If you check "Confirm before saving libraries in librarian" the application prompts you to confirm if you want save libraries in the librarian.

3. If you check "Show Information Window when deleting items in the librarian" the application displays information to tell you that the selected items have been moved in the Folder "Deleted items". You will be able to restore them back to their original locations at any time and also permanently delete them.

4. If you check "Enable Librarian Item Extended Information" the application permits to add extended information to each file in the Librarian (Author, keywords, comment). This information is useful to increase the search capabilities.

This feature adds a hidden information file associated with each item (file with extension ".ii").