Load Swatches

Axialis IconWorkshop™ allows you to load color swatches from a file and apply it to the image. You can create your own customized color swatches.

Load swatches

1. Choose Color/Load Swatches

2. Select the file’s folder from the Color Swatches In Drop Down box

3. Click on the file type from the File Type Drop Dow box

4. Click on the color swatches file that you want to select in the Contents List box.


Axialis IconWorkshop™ displays a message. It asks you if you want to replace the actual swatches with this file content. This action can't be undone. If you choose Yes, you'll loose the changes you made to the actual swatches. If you choose Append, you add the leaded swatches to the actual list or choose Cancel to stop and go back.