Options in the File Associations Tab

To access the File Associations Tab options, choose View/Preferences. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the File Associations tab to get the related options. Use this feature to choose which file types will be associated with IconWorkshop™. Windows® identifies file types by their extensions. Axialis IconWorkshop supports the following file types:

Icons (*.ico, *.icns, *.bin, *.rsc, *.rsrc)

Icon Libraries (*.icl, *.icontainer)

Cursors - read only (*.cur, *.ani)

Images (*.bmp, *.gif, *. jp2, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.pict, *.psd, *.qti, *.qtif, *.tga, *.tif, *.tiff)

If you use Windows Vista™

Windows Vista includes a new centralized feature which permits to easily manage file associations and default programs. Axialis IconWorkshop™ is fully compliant with this new Windows Vista feature. Click on the button "Set File Associations for IconWorkshop" to access directly to this feature.

If you use a previous versions of Windows®

Media Types Details Group

This list specifies the list of supported media files. You can select one or more files to perform an action ('Change Editor' for example). To associate a media file type to Axialis Pro Screen Saver Producer, just check the associated box within this list. To restore the original media file association, uncheck this box.

Click on the All button to select all the media file types in the list.

Click on the Associate/Restore button to restore the original associations of the selected media file types.

Media Types Details Group

You can change the icon to associate with a selected extension by clicking on the Change icon button.

Click to change the default Player/Viewer for the selected media file types. This application will be launched when you'll choose the Open command in Windows® explorer.

Click to change the default Editor application for the selected media file types. This external application will be launched when you'll choose the Edit command in Windows® or Axialis Pro Screen Saver Producer explorers.