Open a media file

Using the explorer, you can easily open a media file.

1. Create a File Browser window by choosing File/New/File Browser (Ctrl+Shift+O).

2. Browse your disks and select the appropriate folder in the left pane. The media files included in the folder appear in the right pane.

Open a media file

3. Select the file you wish to open.

4. Double click on it or choose File Browser/Open Item (Enter) or right-click on it and choose Open in the menu.

Open a media full screen

3. Select the file you wish to open fullscreen.

4. Choose File Browser/Open Item Full Screen (F11) or right-click on it and choose Open Full Screen in the menu.

Switch ON/OFF the Auto Full Screen option

3. Choose File Browser Auto Full Screen option or press Ctrl+F11.

If the Auto Full Screen (Ctrl+F11) option is ON, the file is opened full screen using the simple open command.

Zoom in, zoom out, change display mode (in full screen mode)

5. While viewing a file fullscreen, you can zoom in or zoom out by pressing [+] or [-] keys.

6. With image files, you can zoom using the left/right mouse buttons. Move the mouse to slide the image on screen (if larger than screen - in zoom mode for example). You can also use the arrow keys. A double-click quits the fullscreen mode.

7. Three display modes are available (scale, best fit, stretched). You can change the mode by pressing the Tab key.