Paste an image as a new document

If an image is present in the Clipboard, you can paste it in the application and create a new Image document window.

Paste an image as a new document

1. Select an image item in the application (Librarian, File Browser, opened image document - with or without selection) and choose Edit Copy.

2. You can also copy an image from an external application.

3. Choose Edit/Paste as a new image.

4. A new document is created. The image is displayed in a new "ImageN" window.

5. Choose File/Save As from the edit window or File/Add to librarian. You can save the image as a JPEG, PNG, BMP or PSD format or add it to the Librarian (F3).

This command will permit you to easily add new image files to the application. Each time you select this command you create a new document window.