Save a Windows® icon

Once an icon project has been created, you need to save it in a file on disk. The only file format for Windows® icons is ICO.

Saving the project in a file

1. Choose File/Save

2. Select or create the file’s folder from the Save In Drop Down box

3. Enter the filename for the new icon in the File Name Text box. Axialis IconWorkshop™ will add the file extension (ICO) automatically

4. Click on the Save button

If the filename is already in use, Axialis IconWorkshop™ will present a prompt. Click on the Yes button to overwrite the existing file.

Saving the project by adding it in the Librarian

1. Choose File/Add to the Librarian (F3)

2. Enter the name of the icon file to create, do not specify the extension. Click OK.

3. The file is automatically added to the librarian. An ICO file is created if the selected Librarian item is a folder. If an icon library is selected, the icon is added to this library.