Specify a filename and location

You are about to create an installable icon library. This is the most convenient and use-friendly way to distribute your icons. The ICL Icon library will be compressed, then included in an install program. The resulting package will be smaller than the original ICL. This is perfect to distribute your icons on the Web page for example.

Specify a filename and location

1. Activate the Icon library window document.

2. Choose Icon Library/Compile as EXE installable Package or Right click and choose Compile as EXE installable Package

3. In the Filename area, specify the name of the install procedure executable file (usually Install.exe. You don't need to specify an extension here (.EXE by default).

4. In the Location area, specify the location where you want to create the installation package. If you specify a new folder, it will be created. You must type a folder full pathname here.