Options in the Toolbars Tab

To access the Toolbars Tab options, choose View/Preferences. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the Toolbars tab to get the related options.

Local Toolbar Display (within document windows)

If this option is checked, a local toolbar will be initially visible (within the document window) each time you'll open a document. Otherwise, it will be initially hidden. You can set your preferences for each document category.

Display standard buttons

Specifies whether you want the application to display application standard buttons in the toolbar.

Display "Recently Used" Bar

If this box is checked, the application displays a 'Recently Used' area in the Toolbar. This area permits you to quickly reopen a file recently opened with this program. To open a file simply click on it in the list. You can also specify a HTTP of FTP file by typing its URL, search an expression in the edit area and just hit 'enter'.

Empty "Recently Used" List

Allows you to empty the Recently Used list.

Text options - No Text label, Show Text labels, Selective Text Label on Right

Specifies how text descriptions of the toolbar buttons appear: