Check for Updates using Internet

This is an update system which is reserved to registered users only. It is part of Axialis Lifetime License. It works through Internet to automatically upgrade your application to the latest release.

It's FREE and for LIFE! Pay once and get all new versions for using Online Update.

Upgrade your Application Online Using Internet

1. Choose the command ?/Free Online Update.

2. A "Online Update" dialog box opens. Axialis Online Update will check our server for a new version and download a patch if necessary. To upgrade your application online, you must be a registered user of this application. customer Username and Password:

We strongly recommend you to save and close all the opened documents before proceeding (at the end of the download procedure, the application will be restarted).

3. A "Ready to Register" dialog box opens. If you' using a modem, check that you're connected to Internet. If you're connected to Internet without a Firewall, click Update Now. If you use a Firewall, check the Connected to Internet using a Proxy/Firewall box and fill the following fields:

4. In the HTTP Settings group specify:

5. In the FTP Settings group specify:

6. Click the Update Now button. The last dialog box opens showing the download progress. If a new version is available, a patch is downloaded and the application is restarted to be upgraded.