Customized palette

Axialis IconWorkshop™ supplies a standard palette with 256 colors. Images in 256 colors use fixed color palettes. You can customize this palette by creating your own colors using RGB values or the standard Windows® dialog box. Opening a new color palette causes all colors in the current image to be remapped using the new palette. It is therefore recommended that the desired color palette be opened before beginning a 256-color image.

The palette is initialized with the color palette of the image being edited. When a new image 256-color image is created, the palette is initialized with 256 colors from the default palette file.

To modify a color in a customized palette

1. Select the color in the palette

2. Double-click on this color or choose Color/Modify color. The standard Windows® Color box opens.

3. Modify your color using the scroll box or in the color box

4. If you want add the customized color

5. Click on the <Add color> button and the color will be automatically placed in your customized color palette, replacing the color selected in the standard palette.

You can change the Hue and Saturation of the color, and then move the slider in the color gradient to change the luminescence (Lum).

Copy Color as HTML

1. Choose Color Copy HTML color. It will allow to copy the actual color as a HTML compatible string in the clipboard. This is an interesting feature if you use to deal with HTML codes.