User Interface options

To access the User Interface Tab options, choose View/Preferences. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the User Interface tab to get the related options.

User Interface Style - Windows® Standard User Interface

Allows to use Windows® interface style.

If you want to use the new Windows Vista™ AERO interface feature, you must choose this option.

User Interface Style - Axialis Software User Interface

Allows to use Axialis Software specific user interface. If you choose this interface you can adjust the color of windows title, controls and more. You can also specify the desired application main color. This color will be applied to every windows and dialog boxes (in the application only).

You can only specify a tint value (HUE). You cannot modify the lightness or the saturation of the color.

Background colors - Full Screen Mode

Click here to change the color of the screen background (when you open a media file using full screen).

Background colors - Document windows

Click here to change the color of the document windows background (when you open a document window).

Background colors - Scale 1:1 preview

Click here to change the background color of the "scale 1:1" preview window (This small window permits you to see the result of your icon drawing at scale 1:1).

Did you know - You can change the brightness of the preview window by clicking in it using the left mouse button