Introducing, License
Getting Started
How-to Procedures
Creating Icons
Working With Icons
    What is an Icon?
    Macintosh® vs Windows® icons
    Introducing Windows Vista Icons
    Editing Icons
    Working With Colors
    Working with the Photoshop® plug-in
    Working with the Illustrator® plug-in
    Converting Icons
    Batch Processing Icons
    Miscellaneous Features
       Create a new icon project from clipboard
       Capture an icon
       Save an icon image as an external bitmap file
       Create an Icon Snapshot Picture
Working with Image Strips for Toolbars
Working With Icon Libraries
Working with Visual Studio®
Compiling and Distributing Icon Libraries
Working With The Axialis Librarian
Working With The Axialis Media File Browser
Customizing Windows® Icons
Customizing the Application
Miscellaneous Features, Tips, Uninstall
Registering, Upgrading, Online features