Introducing, License
Getting Started
How-to Procedures
Creating Icons
Working With Icons
Working with Image Strips for Toolbars
Working With Icon Libraries
Working with Visual Studio®
Compiling and Distributing Icon Libraries
Working With The Axialis Librarian
    What is the Librarian?
    Show and hide the Librarian window
    Change the Librarian position on screen
    Change the Librarian folder location
    Working With Files And Folders
    Working With Icon Libraries In The Librarian
       Create a new icon library
       Add icons into an icon library
       Edit an icon in an icon library
       Working with icons in a library
       Export icons from an icon library
       Open an icon library as a document
       Create a snapshot picture of icons in a library
    Add Items To The Librarian
Working With The Axialis Media File Browser
Customizing Windows® Icons
Customizing the Application
Miscellaneous Features, Tips, Uninstall
Registering, Upgrading, Online features