Icons and Images used in the program

Thanks to these great icon artists for giving us permission to include some of their icons and images in the program (toolbar buttons, icons, dialog illustration...):

. Marvilla ( - website: Iconica).

. Foood ( - website:

. Everaldo ( - website:

Sample Icons

Thanks to Yazoo for giving us permission to include some of its smiley icons in the "Internet" sample screensavers. You are free to use the icons from Yazoo for private/non commercial use only. Please read Yazoo-read-me.txt file (located in Librarian "Sprites" folder) to get more info. Visit for more free Icons. Visit for a list of services.

Sample Loop Sounds

Thanks to Alexander Lau from Loopheads Soundware for giving us permission to include some of its Loop sounds in the sample screensavers. Loop sounds are short sounds which can be played in loop to create an endless music. Contact Loopheads if using these sounds commercially. To get more info about Loopheads visit their website:

The sounds have been resampled to low quality (12.000 kHz, 8 Bits, Stereo) for demo purpose. To get CD Quality versions (44.100 kHz, 16 Bits, Stereo) purchase Loopkit Pro v1.0 CD which includes over 1200 copyright/royalty-free sound loops and samples at:

Translations and Help Fixes

Thanks to the following persons who helped us on translations and help fixes:

. Dmitry Yerokhin ( - Russian portions

. Giorgio Brausi ( - website - Italian portions

. Juan Carlos Hernández Pazos ( - website - Spanish portions

. Marcus Vinícius - Portuguese portions

. Mark Budd ( - English context help fixes

. Richard Bol ( - website - Dutch portions

. Stefen C. Weber ( - website - German portions

Compression Support

Thanks to Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler for writing the fantastic and free ZLIB compression/decompression library which is used in Axialis products. You can visite the official ZLIB Web page at:

PNG Support

Thanks to the creators of the PNG graphic file format and its related source code. You can visite the official PNG Web page at:

JPEG Support

Thanks to Thomas G. Lane and the Independent JPEG Group for the JPEG graphic file format and its source code. You can visite the official JPEG Web page at: