Step 9 of 9 - Compilation Summary

This dialog box summarize all the parameters of the compilation. We recommend you to read this summary carefully before proceeding.

Compilation Summary

1. Read the compilation summary.

2. Read carefully the note about copyright. Click the More Info About Copyright button:

You are going to create a compiled and freely redistributable version of your screen saver. "Freely Redistributable" means that AXIALIS permits you to distribute without royalties the portion of executable code produced by this compilation.

It does not means that you can freely distribute any media files using this compilation. Don't forget that all media files are intellectual properties of their respective authors.

Consequently, you must hold the copyright on each media files you have inserted in the compiled screen saver.

AXIALIS assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of this compilation.

3. When you're ready to go, click the Go and Compile! button.


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