Crop an image

Cropping an image means reducing its size be removing unwanted parts (usually around the image or borders). But this is done without resizing the image content. This may be useful if interesting part of an image is not properly centered.

1. Create a New Explorer window by choosing File/New/New Explorer (Ctrl+E).

2. Browse your disks and select the appropriate folder in the left pane. The media files included in the folder appear in the right pane.

3. Select the file you wish to open.

4. Double click on it or choose Explorer/Open Item (Enter) or right-click on it and choose Open in the menu.

 Select the image portion to keep

5. First be sure the Selection Mode is the active mode. Select Image/Selection Mode (Z) if necessary.

6. Select the portion of the image you wish to keep using the mouse. A selection rectangle is displayed when done.

 Crop the image

7. Select  Image/Crop Image (C).

8. The image is cropped.

 Undo the change

9. If you want to undo the crop operation, select  Edit/Undo (Ctrl+Z).

10. You can also redo the change by choosing Edit/Redo (Ctrl+Y).

 Save the modified image

11. As the document has been changed, you'll be prompted to save it when you'll close the window. You can only save the new image to a JPEG, BMP, PNG or PSD file.