Lesson 1.2 - Defining the background

In this lesson, we'll customize the screensaver background.

Change the background: Tiled image

1. In the WYSIWYG editor window, double-click (using the left button) or right-click and select "Properties" or choose Project/Screen Background menu command.

2. A Project Properties dialog box opens (Background tab is selected):

3. Actually, the "Gradient" background type is selected. Choose the Image Wallpaper option (). The associated group is activated.

4. In the Pathname area (), select the following image (using the [...] button): "...\My Documents\Axialis Librarian\Media Files\Images\Backgrounds\Wood04.jpg".

6. In the same group, select the Tiled option (). This image must be used as a tiled wallpaper (the same image contains a seamless pattern that creates the illusion of an infinite background image when placed like tiles).

 REMARK: Click on the context help button () to get more information on a specific area in the dialog box.

7. Click OK when done (). The background of the project changes as follows:


Lesson 3 - Adding a static sprite