Lesson 1.8 - Saving the project

Our screensaver project is finished. Now it's a good idea to save it (we could have done this before). You can save the project using the standard Windows® dialog box or use a built-in feature that permits you to quick-save the project in the Librarian (recommended). Choose one of the procedure below:

IMPORTANT: Only SSP files can be saved, reloaded and modified in the built-in editor window. Once compiled, a screensaver cannot be modified. So save your projects as SSP files and don't lose these files!

Save the project to a SSP file

1. Choose File/Save... or click on the Save (Ctrl+S) button in the toolbar. A standard Windows® dialog box opens.

2. Save the file in the Axialis Librarian: "...\My Documents\Axialis Librarian\Screen Savers\Tutorial1.ssp". Click Save when done.

3. The project has been saved to a SSP file.

Quickly save the project in the Librarian (recommended)

1. You can also save the file in the Librarian directly. A feature has been implemented to quickly save files in the Librarian. In the librarian, select the "Screen Savers" folder in the tree ().  

2. Click on the Add to Librarian button () or choose File/Add to the Librarian (F3). A dialog box opens (see above). In the Name field (), enter a filename (no extension required) or keep the proposed name. Click OK.  

3. The SSP file is saved in the Librarian ().  


Lesson 9 - Compiling the screensaver