Lesson 2.5 - Defining a background music

In this lesson, we'll learn how to add a background music. This music will be played in loop. Supported music formats are WAV, MP3, MID and MOD.

Set a background music

1. Select the Default Music tab. The associated dialog box appears (see below).

2. You can specify a pathname in the Music Pathname zone but we recommend you to click on the "..." button () and select the following file: "...\My Documents\Axialis Librarian\Media Files\Music\Philharmone-Loophead-pssp.wav". The full pathname to this file appear in the edit zone.

3. You can hear the sound by clicking on the Play button ().

4. This file contains a loop music. It means that this is a short sequence (a few seconds) that can be played in loop to simulate a music without end. Of course, we need to configure this and click on the Restart music playback when finished option (). Note that this is almost always the case with background music.

5. When this is all done, click OK.

6. Now you can test the screensaver fullscreen (F11).


Lesson 6 - Saving the project