Lesson 3.4 - Specifying display settings

In this lesson, we'll see how to adjust the Flash display settings. Finally, we'll test the screensaver fullscreen.

Change screensaver display options

1. Select the Flash Movie tab if necessary. The associated dialog box appears (see below).

2. In the Size group (), be sure the select the Full Screen option (it should be already selected). Note that you can choose different settings (various scales, based on screen size, custom position on screen...).

3. At the bottom of the dialog box, two options are available (). The first one Show Mouse Pointer permit to create an interactive screensaver. It means that the user will see the mouse pointer and will be able to move the mouse and click in the Flash movie without interrupting the screensaver. The second option Automatically Repeat Forever permits to play the Flash movie in loop (usually selected).

4. Let's take a look at the result fullscreen. Press F11 or click the Full Screen button in the toolbar. The screensaver is executed on screen. Press a key or move the mouse to end the full screen test.


Lesson 5 - Saving the project