Options in the Librarian Tab

To access these options, choose View/Preferences or press F2. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the Librarian tab to display the related options.

Change the Axialis Librarian Location on Disk

You can change the location of the librarian on your hard disk by specifying a new path to the directory structure containing your Media Files.

1. Specifies a Path for the librarian or click on the Browse button.

2. When done, click OK and restart the application. If you specify the new location for the librarian, the change will occur the next time you'll launch Axialis Screen Saver Producer.

Show Information Window when deleting items

this option is checked, you will be informed each time you delete an item in the librarian. This is just a reminder to inform you that the files has not been deleted but just moved to the "Deleted Items" folder. 

Show Information Window when deleting items

If this option is enabled, the application permits you to store various additional properties for each file stored in the Librarian (Author, Keywords, Description...). This extended information is stored in .ii files and is also used to find files in the librarian using a built-in search feature. If this option is unchecked, no .ii files will be created.