Print a folder content as thumbnail with preview

It may be useful to print a folder content in thumbnail preview.

 Print a folder content as thumbnail

1. Create a New Explorer window by choosing File/New/New Explorer (Ctrl+E).

2. Browse your disks and select the appropriate folder in the left pane. The media files included in the folder appear in the right pane.

3. Select the files you wish to print. If only one file is selected, you'll print all the files.

 REMARK: You can select several files by clicking on files while pressing on the CTRL key. To select a range of files, use the SHIFT key.

4. Choose the File/Print. An option dialog box opens.

5. In Selection group, choose to print either the selected media files or all the files included in the folder.

6. In Item Size group, choose the desired size of each item in the thumbnail printout.

7. In Header & Footer group, click the Print Header and Footer Texts option if you want to print texts at the top and bottom of the printout.

8. In the fields below, Specifies the Header and Footer texts to print. You can specify macros that will be automatically be replaced by its related variable text at printing. A macro must be specified between brackets {}:

You can also specify a separator |  to split the text in two parts. The first part will be printed on the left side and the second part on the right side of the page. If no separator is specified the text is centered.

9. When done, click OK and continue the print procedure.