Save the project (SSP file)

To create a screen saver, you must before create a Project (.SSP file).

IMPORTANT: Only SSP files can be saved/reloaded/modified in the built-in editor window.

Then to create a Windows compatible Screen Saver (.SCR file) you have just to compile this project. The Screen Saver (.SCR) that has been created, can't be modified or decompiled.

 Save the Project to a SSP file

1. Choose File Save or File Save As.

2. Choose the directory and enter the new project name .SSP.


1. Select the folder in the librarian.

2. Select the active project window.

3. Click on the Add to the Librarian button in the local toolbar.

4. The dialog box Add a project to the librarian opens. Specify the new project name. The default extension is SSP.