Specific Flash® variables for screensavers with activation

Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer creates and initialize various variables specific to the screen saver. These variables can be useful in the Flash® scripts to handle the activation status of the screensaver:

  Variables Description



"0" --> The screensaver has NO activation code
"1" --> The screensaver has an activation code system


The variables below exist only if HasActivationCode is "1":



"0" --> Time Limited (N days)
"1" --> Limited to N sprites/slides



The total number of days or sprite/slides of the limitation. It depends of the LimitationType value



Number of days left in the trial period (only if LimitationType is "0")



"0" --> The screensaver has NOT been activated (demo mode)
"1" --> The screensaver IS activated (full mode)



"0" --> The screensaver has NOT yet expired
"1" --> The screensaver HAS expired