Options in the Temporary Files Tab

To access these options, choose View/Preferences or press F2. The "Preferences" dialog box opens, click on the Temporary Files tab to display the related options.

Store picture previews on disk for fast browsing

Pictures preview you see in the Explorer windows are stored in a special folder for quick viewing later. This feature greatly improves preview speed when you browse your computer. You can define below the amount of disk space you want to make available for those files or just disable this feature (not recommended).

If this option is checked, you can adjust the cash size (10, 100 or 200 MB) using the slider. You can also check Exclude files from Removable & CDROM drives and Exclude Files from Network to avoid overloading the cash.

If you click on the DELETE button, the application warns you if you want to delete all in files in Temporary Preview folder. Click on YES or NO.