Online Registration using Internet

 IMPORTANT - Information for Version 3.5 Owners

If you've already registered Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer v3.5 (or a prior version), you need to register again specifying the Product Key you've received with this new version. If you don't register, you won't be able to upgrade to future versions.

 Why Register?

Join the family of registered Axialis Software customers by registering your program. The online registration is NOT a purchase procedure. Registration can be completed in just a few seconds using Internet. Your personal information be kept strictly confidential and not given or sold to anyone.

If you register, you'll get the following benefits:

 To Register Online Using Internet

1. Choose the command ?/Online Registration.

2. A dialog box opens. Read general info then click Register Now.

3. A second "Online Registration Using Internet" dialog box opens:

Your Personal Login Data: To register, you must specify yourself as a customer. If this is the first time you register using this online system, choose "New Customer". Otherwise, specify your personal login data.

 IMPORTANT: if you've registered another Axialis program using this new registration system (such as AX-CDPlayer, Screen Saver Producer) you should already have an Axialis Username

4. If you're a New Customer:

A personal account will be created with your personal info (name, email, address, country, username, password, hint question...). Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be sold or given to any third company. A "New Customer" dialog box opens:

5. If you already have a Username:

 IMPORTANT: If you have lost your password click on the Lost Password button. A Web page will open and your personal hint question will be asked to you. If your answer is correct, your password is displayed. You specify the hint question and answer when you create your customer account (new customer).

 6. When done, click on the Next button. A fourth "Online Registration Using Internet" dialog box opens.

 NOTE: The product key has been sent to you when you purchased the product or received an upgrade. It has the following format: 12345678-12345-12345-12345-12345. In this edit zone, you find a copy of the key you specified when you installed the program. We recommend you to leave it as is.


7. When done, click on the Next button. A five "Online Registration Using Internet" dialog box opens:

Ready to Register: You are about to send your registration information. You must be connected to Internet before proceeding. If you are not connected to Internet, please connect now. If you're connected to Internet through a proxy/firewall server, fill the proxy related fields.

If you' using a modem, check that you're connected to Internet. If you're connected to Internet without a Firewall, click Register Now. If you use a Firewall, check the Connected to Internet using a Proxy/Firewall box and fill the following fields:

8. Click the Register Now button. The last dialog box opens showing the registration progress. 

9. Congratulations! You're registered.

 To Access your Customer Account

We recommend you to log into your customer account here to check that your registration has been successfully completed. You need your username and password to access your account.