Use the Photoshop® Plug-in

To use the Photoshop® to Professional Screen Saver Producer plug-in, you must start the Photoshop® application first. The plug-in is accessible from within Photoshop® only.

Use the Photoshop® plug-in

1. First launch Photoshop® and open or create an image file. You don't need to launch Professional Screen Saver Producer before using the plug-in. It will be automatically launched by the plug-in if necessary.

2. Select the layer and the portion of the image you want to transfer to Professional Screen Saver Producer (). If you don't create a selection area, the whole layer image will be transferred. Only rectangular selections are supported for transfer.

3. Choose the Filter/Axialis/Transfer to Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer... command in the menu.

4. Axialis Professional Screen Saver Producer is automatically launched (or activated if running in background) and the dialog box Image Transfer from Photoshop® opens (see below).

3. The image is about to be transferred in IconWorkshop. You can choose one of the following operations: Create a New Image Document (): The application creates a new document containing the image. You'll be able to perform various operations on the image (resize, crop, save...); Create a New Screen Saver using this image as sprite (): The application will create a new sprite based screen saver. The transferred image will be used to create the first sprite. The alpha channel will be preserved during the transfer; Paste the Image in the Current Screen Saver project (): This option is enabled only if a screensaver document is already opened in the application. It pastes the image in the current editor area (just like the Clipboard paste operation).

4. If you choose the 2nd option (Create a New Screen Saver using this image as sprite), the Create a New Screen Saver Project dialog box opens (see below).

5. In the Screen Saver group (), enter the title and the description of the new project.

6. In the Author group () specify your personal data. Click Next.

7. A new screensaver document is created and the transferred image has been placed at the center of the project as a sprite.

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