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 Personal or Corporate Edition?

If you're a Company or an Organization:

If you're an Individual User:

 Personal / Corporate Edition - Quick Comparison

Product Features



Using Professional Screen Saver Producer in a company or an organization


Creating screen savers for a company or organization (even if the screen savers are freely distributed)


Creating installable packages (the end-user can easily install the screen savers)


Creating demo/limited/shareware versions of your screen savers. The end-user unlocks them using activation codes (code generator included)


Exporting Icon Images to Photoshop® with Transparency


Importing Images from Photoshop® using a Plug-in Filter


Customizing the icons and illustration images of the screensaver install procedures


Advanced User Interface

Built-in Librarian, Explorer and Search Engine

Creating Windows® compatible screen savers (SCR)

Creating sprite based screen savers

Creating slideshow based screen savers

Creating video or Flash® based screen savers

Adding a RSS viewer in screen savers

Customize icons and illustration images in SCR screensavers

Advanced WYSIWYG editor

Many Project Samples

Free Online Upgrade (Lifetime License)

Price* per copy



(*) Prices are subject to change. Check Axialis web site for up-to-date prices and quantity rebates.