Introducing, License, Pricing
Getting Started (Quick Tutorials)
How To...
Creating Screen Savers
    Create a Sprite Based Screen Saver
    Create a Slide Show Based Screen Saver
    Create a Flash® Based Screen Saver
    Create Video Based Screen Saver
       Create a Video based screen saver project
       Adjust general properties
       Add/remove video movies in the playlist
       Change the playlist order
       Adjust the video movie properties
          Save the movie files in the project
          Adjust the movie display size
          Adjust the movie position on screen
       Customize the screen saver background
       Save the project (SSP file)
       Test the screen saver full screen
       Compile a screen saver (SCR file)
       Compile an Installable Screen Saver (EXE file)
    Create FLI/FLC Animation Based Screen Saver
    Compile a Windows® screen saver (SCR file)
    Compile an installable screen saver package (EXE file)
    Working with the Photoshop® plug-in
    Generate Activation Codes
Working With The Axialis Librarian
Working With The Axialis Media File Explorer
Customizing The Application
Miscellaneous Features, Tips, Uninstallation
Registering, Upgrading, Online features