Introducing, License, Pricing
Getting Started (Quick Tutorials)
How To...
Creating Screen Savers
Working With The Axialis Librarian
    What is the Librarian?
    Show and hide the Librarian window
    Change the Librarian position on screen
    Change the Librarian folder location
    Open an item
    Open an item full screen
    Edit an item with the External Editor Program
    Toggle auto full screen option
    Rename one or more items
    Send media items via email
    Search items
    Delete items
    Preview an item from the librarian
    Restore previously deleted items
    Empty the Deleted Items folder
    Create a new folder
    Import files
    Export files
    Select files
    Change the item display
    Print the actual folder
    Display a grid in the detailed list
    Display info tooltips
    Display item properties
    Change folder icon
    Show folders in the lists
    Add Items To The Librarian
       Add items from the Explorer document
       Add an opened document
       Add items using the Import function
Working With The Axialis Media File Explorer
Customizing The Application
Miscellaneous Features, Tips, Uninstallation
Registering, Upgrading, Online features