Create a new image strip from scratch

IconWorkshop automatically opens existing image strips but also permits creating new image strips from scratch.

1. Select File/New/Image Strip for Toolbar, a dialog box opens:

2. In Colors, select the color depth of your image (), in Size of Image, specify the size of the icons included in the image strip ().

3. In Number of Images () specify the number of image you want to initially create in the image strip. You'll be able to add/remove/copy images during the edition.

4. If your image has a color depth of 24 BPP or less, you must also specify a color to encode the transparency during saving. Specify a color that you won't use in your icons.

5. Click OK, your new image strip is created.


REMARK - If you created a 24 BPP or less, the transparent color that you specified is not visible. It is replaced by a transparent texture (chessboard) for better visual aspect during edition. The transparent color will be applied when the image will be saved.