Open an image strip

When you open an image strip in IconWorkshop by using a simple file/open, it is automatically detected and opened in an editor window. The image strip is virtually "cut" and each image is placed separately in a list at the top of the editor window. See below how the different images appear in the list:

The images are indexed from 0. This has been intentionaly done to be compatible with the way images are indexed in source codes. From here, the procedure is quite simple. You select the image and work on it in the editor area below. You can also copy/paste images in the list, add/remove images, use drag & drop to change image order and more. When you save the document, all the icons are assembled together to remake the image strip. File formats for image strips are BMP and PNG.

Open an Image Strip

1. Choose File/Open, a standard dialog box opens. Browse your disks and select an Image Strip file. If you want IconWorkshop to detect it automatically, select a BMP or PNG file. Click Open.

2. A document window opens with all the icons of the image strip populated in a list (as shown above).

IMPORTANT - If the Image Strip is not a BMP or PNG file, or if IconWorkshop does not detect it, it is opened as a regular image. In such a case you can switch the display mode to Image Strip.