Why an Illustrator® Plug-in?

A plug-in is a program extension module. In fact, this is a small a program which is "plugged" (added) into another application to enhance it or add a new feature to it. The plug-in must be compatible with the "parent" application specifications.

Why a Illustrator® plug-in for Axialis IconWorkshop™?

We created such a plug-in to permit you to transfer an image or a drawing directly from Illustrator® to Axialis IconWorkshop™ through the memory.

This is much more fast and secure. No more temporary PNG file to transfer your image into Axialis IconWorkshop™. No more risk to loose your file while transferring it. As the icon format does not yet support vector images, during the transfer the image will be converted from vector to raster. This operation is called a "rasterization". Several options are available to adjust the rasterization.

Before using this plug-in you have to install it in the Illustrator plug-ins directory. Please read this for more info.