Install the Illustrator® Plug-in

Using the Illustrator to IconWorkshop™ plug-in, you'll be able to transfer an image or a drawing directly from Illustrator® to IconWorkshop™ through the memory. Read this topic for more info about the plug-in...

Install the Illustrator® plug-in

1. Before installing the plug-in we recommend you to close the Illustrator® application (if it is actually opened in background). Choose File/Install Illustrator® Plug-in...

2. The dialog box Install the Illustrator to IconWorkshop™ Transfer Plug-in opens (see below). In the Location edit zone (), specify the Illustrator plug-in folder. If you don't know the exact folder path, click the browse button () to choose the folder in a list.

3. If you want to create a subfolder "Axialis" to install the plug-in module (recommended to organize your folder properly), activate the option "Install in a subfolder Axialis" (). Note that creating a subfolder may fail with some compatible applications.

4. Click OK. When done, a message informs you that the plug-in has been installed.

5. Now you can start your Illustrator® application. The plug-in is visible in Filter/Axialis/Transfer To IconWorkshop™ menu. Read this for more info on how to use the plug-in filter.


If Illustrator® is installed on your computer, the plug-in folder will be automatically added to the edit zone. Also, you'll be prompted to install the plug-in the first time you'll launch IconWorkshop™.