Work with selections

The Selection tool permits to select a rectangular area of the image to perform an action. The following commands will apply to the selection only:

The selection is a non persistent tool. If you activate another tool in the palette, the active selection is discarded.

Creating a selection

1. Choose the selection tool .

2. Using the mouse, drag & drop in the image to define a selection rectangle. Press the SHIFT key to make a square selection.

Only simple rectangular selections are allowed. Furthermore you cannot add a selection to an existing selection. A new selection discards the previous one.

Selecting the whole image

1. Choose Edit/Select All or press Ctrl+A.

Discarding a selection

1. Select another tool.


1. Click anywhere in the drawing area without moving the mouse while the button is pressed.

Deleting the selected image

1. Choose Edit/Erase or press Del.

Creating a floating selection

A floating selection contains an image which can be moved over the existing one respecting transparency is any.

1. Create a selection.

2. Use the mouse or the arrow keys to move the selection. The selected portion of the image is placed in the floating selection. Press the Ctrl key while starting to move the selection to make a copy of the selected image.

3. Discarding the floating selection applies the floating image into the background. Choose Edit/Erase or press Del to remove the floating selection.

8 handles are located around the selection. You can use them to resize the image (see this topic). The result is a floating selection.