Create slide show based screen saver project

To create a screen saver, you must create a Project first (.SSP file). Only this file can be saved/reloaded/modified in the built-in editor window. Then to create a Windows compatible Screen Saver (.SCR file) you have just to compile this project. The Screen Saver (.SCR) that has been created, can't be modified or decompiled.

1. Choose File/New Screen Saver Project. A dialog box opens. You can choose the type of screen saver to create: "Slide Show based Screen Saver" The screen saver is made on several photos displaying on screen file like a slide show. Several options: music, transition effects.

2. Click on the Next Button. The "Create a New Screen Saver Project" dialog box opens. You can specify Screen saver and Author information in the areas: Title, Description, Name and Copyright.

3. Click on the Next button. The application creates a new project window (see below):


Librarian window, folder tree - Here you can browse your personal Librarian to access your working files.

Librarian window, File list - The files which are present in the selected Librarian folder are present here. You can open a file by double-clicking on it or you can add it to your project ( or ) using drag and drop.

Project properties - You can change/edit the project properties here. Five dialogs are available here: "General", "Slide Properties", "Background", "Music" and "Video Clip".

Slide list - Here is displayed the list of slides (images) included in the screensaver. To change slide properties, select one of more slides here and select the "Slide Properties" in . The changes made in affect all the selected slides in the list.

Preview window - You see here a small preview of the display. It changes with the slide selection in .

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