Compile an installable Screensaver package (EXE file)

Once your project is created, you must compile your screensaver in order to be installed on the end-user computer. The file that will be created is compatible with Windows Screensavers. But this file is not easy to install on a computer for a beginner. That's why we strongly recommend you to create an installation package. Furthermore, a few additional options are available when you compile an installation package.

During this process, the project will be compiled as a temporary SCR file and it will be compressed and included in an easy-to-use installation package (EXE file).

Once created, the EXE/SCR file can't be modified or decompiled. Save your project and don't loose your SSP file. Using this compilation method you can create demo/limited versions of your screensavers.

Create an installable Screensaver package

How to install a screensaver using an installable package

When a screensaver is compiled as an install package, the installation is very simple for the end user:

1. Launch the install package. A dialog box opens.

2. Follow the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement if any.

3. The screensavers is installed (as default if asked by the user).

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